The Drawdown Review

Lead Research Team: Dr. Ryan Allard, Kevin Bayuk, Dr. Tala Daya, Dr. Chris Forest, Chad Frischmann, Denton Gentry, Dr. João Pedro Gouveia, Dr. Mamta Mehra, Eric Toensmeier,
Ireland · 2020

Dr. Richard O’Hegarty

Research, Sustainability, and Communication at Shareyourgreendesign.


The Drawdown is a highly collaborative project which identifies (and ranks!) different solutions to draw the rise in global average temperature down.

Interestingly, there are several key high-ranking solutions which both directly and indirectly relate to the built environment.

Let’s take a look 👀

Indirect solutions:

The highest ranked solutions in terms of impact (#1 Onshore wind and #2 Utility scale solar) both indirectly help buildings reduce their carbon emissions by ensuring the electricity provided to light our homes and provide hot water is generated through renewable sources.

Direct solutions:

#9 Refrigerant management (of heat pumps and air conditioners), #24 insulation, #25 Led lighting and #26 cement replacements are all directly related to the built environment. However, the highest ranked building-related-solution of all is #7 improved clean cookstoves.

The Drawdown is a thought provoking project which shows us that the issues we face are global! Improving cookstoves in developing countries is globally more impactful than insulating our homes.

Of course this is not to say we shouldn’t insulate but it reminds us of the global challenge.

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