Towards embodied carbon benchmarks for buildings in Europe

Xavier Le Den, Jacob Steinmann, Martin Röck, Harpa Birgisdottir, Lise Hvid Horup, Buket Tozan, Andreas Sørensen
Belgium · 2022

This study, conducted by the engineering, architecture and consultancy firm, Ramboll, in collaboration
with leading European researchers from AAU Built and KU Leuven, and funded by Laudes Foundation,
puts forward a framework for assessing and monitoring embodied emissions at the building level and a
recommended benchmarking process related to European Member States’ carbon budgets.
The series of reports provides critical guidance for policymakers, investors and developers, advocating for
greater cooperation across the value chain. This is desperately needed for gathering life cycle assessment
data and setting targets that are aligned with the 2015 Paris Agreement to support the built environment’s
transition to a lower-carbon future.

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