Traditional Water Systems Of India : A Heritage For The Future/

Organiser: CEPT University

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23 September, 2022


CEPT University




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In the global context of climate change and particularly water scarcity the traditional water heritage of India is more relevant than ever. With that background this seminar focuses on thematic area of traditional water systems in semi-arid zones of India.

The first day of this two-day seminar will present multidisciplinary approaches dedicated to traditional systems in arid and semi-arid zones of India. Through contributions from researchers we aim to develop a detailed knowledge based on the contemporary perspectives of various disciplines.

The second day is dedicated to case studies where the preservation of traditional devices through their rehabilitation is attempted examining the possibilities of renovation or reconversion across India. The abstracts responding to this part will have to illustrate how and why these reactivations were successful and question their future, if not successful, what were the challenges faced.

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