Lower carbon concretes in BS 8500:2023 (online)/

Organiser: MPA- The concrete Centre

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13 February, 2024


MPA- The concrete Centre


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The key UK standard for the specification of concrete, BS 8500, has been revised. This new 2023 version allows for many more different cements, giving increased options for achieving lower carbon concrete, and represents one of the most significant changes to the traditional ‘recipe’ for making concrete since the 1980s. If used across all UK construction sites the use of these multi-component, lower carbon cements and concretes could save one million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year, and is an important milestone for the UK concrete and cement industry’s roadmap to net zero.

This live stream of the seminar will cover the updates to BS 8500 and provide guidance on how to use the new standard within future specifications and projects to reduce the embodied carbon of concrete in new development. The programme will also include a Q&A session. This event marks the launch of the new Concrete Centre publication How to design concrete structures using Eurocode 2: BS 8500 for building and civil structures and attendees will be send a a PDF copy on the day.

Date: Tuesday 13 February 2024
Time: 15:00 – 16:15
Price: Free

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