Climate resiliency and low-carbon accessibility/

Organiser: Insper & MIT

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27 October, 2023


Insper & MIT




São Paulo


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Coordinating housing and mobility policies to promote a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient compact urban development.

9am Institutional Opening | Insper & MIT

Celebrating recent collaborations between MIT and Insper, by MIT Brazil

9:30am Opening talks | conceptual framework

  • Prof. Siqi Zheng (MIT) – Climate Resiliency and Low Carbon Cities
  • Prof. Adriano Borges Costa (Insper) – Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility

10am Evidence talks (studies)

  • Clarisse Cunha Linke (ITDP) – The Compact City Scenario Electrified. ITDP and the University of California, Davis. 2021.
  • Rafael Pereira (IPEA) – Access to Opportunities Project
  • Erik Vergel-Tovar (Universidad de los Andes) – Location Matters: Land Use, Urban Development Patterns, and Transport Inequality

11am Policy Panel (policy makers and industry)

  • Mediation: Fabio Duarte (MIT)
  • Kelly Fernandes (GIZ)
  • Vladimir Iszlaji (Abrainc)
  • Annie Amicci (BNDES)
  • Washington Fajardo (Insper Cidades)

12am Comments and Discussion

  • Mediation: Carolina Guimarães (Insper Cidades)

12:30pm Lunch & networking

2:00pm Warming talks

  • Anaclaudia Rossbach (Lincoln Institute) – Housing policies in Latin America
  • Juan Palacios (Maastricht University) – Low Carbon Real Estate

2:30pm Evidence talks (studies)

  • Mariana Giannotti (POLI-USP) – Social housing and accessibility in Brazil’s unequal cities
  • Adriano Borges Costa (Insper) – Access to Urban Opportunities in São Paulo’s Master Plan
  • Simon Buchler (MIT) – Climate risk and commercial real state
  • Rounaq Basu (MIT) – Planning sustainable cities: Coordinating accessibility improvements with housing policies

3:30pm Policy Panel (policy makers and industry)

  • Mediation: Sergio Avelleda (Insper Cidades)
  • Police Neto (State Government)
  • Miguel Setas (CCR)
  • Hannah Arcushin (GT Clima e Cidades/IABsp)
  • Ilan Cuperstein (C40)

4:30pm Comments and Discussion

  • Mediation: Carolina Guimarães (Insper Cidades)

5pm Institutional Closing

5pm:30 Happy Hour & Networking

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