Beyond Buildings

Global · 2021

Beyond Buildings – Why an integrated approach to buildings and  infrastructure is essential for climate action ans sustainable development

75% of the infrastructure needed by 2050 still needs to be built. Additionally, the existing buildings account for 37% of the annual global greenhouse gases emissions. WorldGBC is calling for action.

By 2050, the built environment must be on a clear path to decarbonise and have made significant progress by 2030. Through this report, WorldGBC advocates for the need for collaboration to establish a clear path, and aligned global ambition and coverage for all built assets across all geographies.

A global framework of principles is required for accelerating sustainability performance, to be adapted and verified at the local level, that aligns to the 1.5° emissions trajectory and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), applicable to all asset types – all buildings and all infrastructure in all regions. The framework of principles shall be based on:

  • Climate action
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Circular economy

The report describes case studies from GBCs initiatives for an integrated approach to sustainable development, as well as common barriers. It also, lists the fundamental requirements to the roll-out of these principles as:

–  Universal Coverage: that all new built environment projects have a verifiable pathway.

–  Public Advocacy: that public delivery agencies globally embed the requirements in the procurement of all built environment projects.

–  Investor Advocacy: that investors demand those principles.

–  Deep and unprecedented collaboration: that the building and infrastructure industries consider the roles and responsibilities required.


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