Waste-based building materials at scale/

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7 July, 2022


RIBA South/South East




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RIBA S/SE Sustainability Group – a:gain – Waste based building materials at scale

For the final talk before the summer break, we will be joined by Hector Grundtdal Grønborg from a:gain.

The talk will cover the following:

– Who is a:gain?

– The challenges we seek to tackle

– Our beliefs

– Our approach

– Our products

– What is a “sustainable” building material?

– Q&A

Speaker: Hector Grundtdal Grønborg is an Industrial Designer at a:gain. He trained as an Industrial Designer in Design school Kolding in Denmark and has furthermore worked at IBT (Institute of Building Technology) at The Royal Academy in Copenhagen. While Hector serves many functions in developing both marketing, web and communication, his main area of responsibility is scalable design and product development. The product development team at a:gain furthermore consists of Mathias Ruø Rasmussen, who is head of the department, as well as interns and student helpers on and off. Hector works mainly with wood products, transforming anything from storage blockings to hardwood flooring offcuts, into new products, always seeking to give them an innovative edge. Furthermore, he is also a part of the ongoing developments in acoustics and plastics, as well as looking into potential future products, within repurposing and recycling of e.g., steel, brickwork, bio-based materials etc.

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