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15 February, 2023


Carbon Leadership Forum




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About the event

Build beyond zero begins to draw the story of how we can transform our built environment to meet the challenges of the climate crisis while making positive change in the way we treat other humans and planetary ecosystems. Dealing with emissions at the level of kilograms of CO2e is important, and Build Beyond Zero delves into the numbers in a meaningful way. But we didn’t end up in a climate crisis because of emissions, this has happened because of the way we think about our fellow humans and the planet we share. Addressing the climate crisis requires matching data-based building performance with an over-arching concern for how we treat each other.


Come for the in-depth discussion of cutting edge carbon-storing materials and design approaches but be prepared to widen your view to the entire building ecosystem and all our teammates who are inextricably involved!


About Our Speaker:


Chris Magwood is obsessed with helping reverse climate change by making carbon-storing buildings that are also healthy, beautiful, efficient and inspiring and assisting others to do the same.

In 2022, Chris joined the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Embodied Carbon initiative within RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings team.


In 2019, he helped to establish Builders for Climate Action, and has been leading development of the BEAM carbon estimator tool for low-rise construction. He is working closely with many levels of government to develop embodied carbon benchmarks and regulatory programs, and helping developers and builders figure out how to reverse climate change with their buildings.

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