AEC Hackathon – Zurich Edition/

Organiser:, CH Open, ZHAW School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering and the team from AEC Hackathon

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2 February, 2024

Organiser:, CH Open, ZHAW School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering and the team from AEC Hackathon






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02-04 February 2024


Join the first official AEC Hackathon in Switzerland.
40 hours full of learning, networking and fun with like-minded individuals for all digital doers in the construction industry.
Don’t miss it!

👉 How do challenges in the AEC Hackathon look like?

In general, Hackathons are a perfect playground to experiment with new technologies or processes.
Learning about them is nowhere easier than in a do-oriented environment like a Hackathon.

The range of potential challenges is huge.

Some challenges start with specific use cases that people bring with them from their day-to-day work, e.g. interoperability issues, process issues or problems with the availability of certain data sets.

There are also projects that start with a specific technology such as AI, AR/VR, IOT or similar, always in combination with an industry use case to show the potential.

And there will be groups looking at how technology can be used to make a difference to global challenges, e.g. rebuilding after a war or environmental disaster, building with new materials, predictive maintenance for resource-efficient buildings, etc.

At the Zurich Edition of the AEC Hackathon, our Event Partners beyondBIM, EBP and sia are preparing exciting challenges for you.

🙌 A lot is possible and you are free to either choose a partner challenge or propose a challenge yourself, whatever fits you best.

👉 Who should attend?

You should not miss the event if you are an architect, engineer, developer, operator, data scientist or change maker – with coding skills or without. It’s the perfect opportunity to flex your digital muscles with leading experts from the industry in an inspiring environment that is open to everybody.

And yes, coding skills are a plus. But never forget: There is a lot to research, to discuss and to decide for you as a team, certainly something to do for everyone. Also, providing a compelling story for the final presentations is part of your team’s effort as well.


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