Accelerating Circular Construction Round Table/

Organiser: Materials in Mind

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3 July, 2024


Materials in Mind


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Join us for our inaugural Round Table event!

Circular and regenerative practices within the built environment/construction industries are essential for protecting our planet and communities. However, a truly circular economy requires strong collaboration among stakeholders, across industries, and a laser focus on resolving barriers to implementation.

Materials in Mind is thrilled to invite you to an in-person, roundtable event to exchange knowledge and expertise (from getting it right/wrong) and discuss the practicalities of a circular economy within the built environment. This round table will bring leading practitioners, Industry professionals/workforce and policy makers/enforcers.

The main aim of this inaugural event is to; develop our understanding of common challenges and learn from practitioners actively addressing these challenges – acknowledging their particular project/organisational contexts. Part of the event will focus on investigating the success factors behind circular best practices, helping identify blueprints for other industry leaders to adopt.

There are many great examples of circularity working in practice. Cross sectoral knowledge sharing is critical to the success of emerging jobs/tech/materials markets, and the creation of truly resilient, low carbon built environments. Case studies and discussion topics will include; materials logistics hubs, secondary materials use at scale (including re-certification/warrantying), localising supply chains, and supplier/multi-stakeholder contracting.

The event will also introduce FactoryX (, a multi-stakeholder industry initiative and city-centre hub (operational circular materials hub, conference/training/visitors centre, and show park).


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