St. Olavsvei 18/



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Oslo / Norway



Year (Design/Construction):

- / 2021

Area (Net/Gross):

- / 1466 m2
Operational Carbon emissions

Operational Carbon emissions (B6) kgCO2e/m2/y:

Embodied Carbon emissions

Embodied Carbon emissions (A1-A3) kgCO2e/m2:

  • Material efficiency and rationality have been central to the development of the project.
  • Shorter spans allow for an extremely efficient CLT structure with wall elements no more than 8 cm thick, and floor slabs only 12cm.
  • The building is clad in the heartwood of pine. Large windows allow for natural daylight.
  • The use of CLT also enables faster installation, and cleaner and drier construction, reducing waste on site construction.


Project description as provided by the Architects:

Oslotre AS is pleased to present St. Olavsvei 18, the first residential CLT project in Kristiansand, Norway. The five-story residential building is situated within the center of Kristiansand and the building offers apartments aimed at first time buyers. Most of the 28 apartments are no more than 40m2, but while modest in size the apartments are high in quality.

Working within strictly bound site restrictions Oslotre has successfully managed to ensure that each of the apartments has light from at least two directions and large, generous balconies and terraces. The ceiling height has been increased from standard 2,4m to 2,6m and most of the large windows are full floor to ceiling height increasing the overall spatial quality of the apartments. The full heighted windows also contribute to the material efficiency of the CLT elements by reducing the need for cutout and overall waste of materials.

Material efficiency and rationality has been central to the development of the project. Shorter spans allow for an extremely efficient CLT structure with wall elements no more than 8 cm thick, the floor slabs only 12cm. The shorter spans are made possible by introducing supporting structural glulam beams within the individual apartments. This solution means that the apartments, though bound by shorter spans and tight floorplans, have a greater possibility of flexibility and alternative arrangements within a tight structural system.

The building is clad in heartwood of pine creating a play between smooth panels and extruding battens, with battens continuing past some windows and cornices to form railings, giving the facade a light and dynamic expression. The cladding is treated with a warm shade of gray. Over time this will be replaced by the natural graying process, contrasting nicely with the sheltered cladding under the balconies and on the retracted parts of the façade which offer a warmer feel to the more intimate spaces in the facade in oiled cedarwood.

This way of building with timber, shows that it is possible to build competitive and economic timber buildings without compromising architectural qualities.

Client: St. Olavsvei 18 AS

Architecture: Oslotre AS

Landscape Architecture: Oslotre AS / Edit AS

Structural concept timber: Ny Struktur AS

Structural concept concrete: Multiconsult AS

Sound concept: Brekke & Strand

Fire concept: SWECO Norge AS

Ventilation concept: Rivco AS

Electrical concept: Bravida Norge AS

Contractor: VEF Entreprenør AS

Photographer: Kyrre Sundal

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