Case study: switching to electric at the Electricity Supply Board HQ in Dublin

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The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is majority owned by the Irish government, providing generation and distribution of electricity in Ireland and internationally. It has a target of being carbon neutral by 2040, and is investing heavily in renewable generation and associated technology, such as energy storage.

The redevelopment of its Dublin headquarters was an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of sustainable office development. To reflect this, a passive design approach has been taken, working with the local climate to minimise heating and cooling loads. Unsurprisingly, the ESB has moved away from gas to embrace heat pumps with heat recovery, while ventilation is a combination of natural and hybrid solutions.

The project contains two office buildings within one city block. The first is ESB’s headquarters, which will also serve as a research tool; it is hoped that it will provide a source of intelligence on new techniques and technologies that will influence the next generation of offices. The second building includes many of the same techniques, but is optimised for the commercial market.

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