Understanding Sustainable Materials at the Bartlett School of Architecture

Negar Taatizadeh, Felix Sagar, Melih Kamaoglu, Eduardo Nuñez Luce, Tessa Winkelhake, Gabriele Grassi, Ismail Mir, William Scott, Frista Puspita Marchamedya, Hetian Zhang.

The need for a shift in materials culture is not an isolated requirement. This report sits within the context of existing commitments made by UCL and The Bartlett, and a change in materials use is fundamental to achieving commitments made.
Strategic direction and leadership is important for change. This report sets out opportunities identified for change by BSA staff and students, leadership and at every level, and which areas could be responsible for championing and driving change.
The need and support in the BSA for change towards a sustainable, equitable future for all is
evidenced by:

• Existing sustainability commitments and strategies: Build a Better Future, Journey to
Net Zero 2030, Bartlett Ethics Commission etc.
• Calls by students for change (including Architecture Education Declares, June 2019)
• Responses by the school to those calls: BSA Declares a Climate and Ecological
Emergency, October 2019
https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/architecture/news/2019/oct/bartlett-school architecture-declares-climate-and-ecological-emergency
• Formation of the BSAS the Bartlett School of Architecture Departmental Society and
within that B!CAN the Bartlett Student Climate Action Network

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