Scalable Climate Action

AIA Strategic Council
United States · 2020

The AIA Strategic Council has created a report focused on the research of its “Scalable Climate Action Group”.

The report describes a series of actions that should be considered for integration into near- and longer-term planning by AIA groups. This is a clear plan for its future. Each lever of change (LOC) listed is accompanied by a detailed road map that graphically describes a “backcasting” scenario with specific milestones across time and scale, identifying measurable impacts encompassing the individual practitioner, the firm, and the component.

Some of the LOCs are listed below:
• Carbon literacy: 94,000 architects as carbon literacy leaders
• Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments: Every climate issue is an economic issue
• Government action: Research and advocacy
• AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct: Use the full force of AIA’s standards


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