LETI Client Guide for Net Zero Carbon Buildings

United Kingdom · 2021

The London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) has developed a guide to help all construction Clients navigate their way through the construction industry. It identifies that any building that does not deliver Net Zero Carbon Whole Life Carbon performance, or is easily adaptable, will have to be retrofitted to be Net Zero Carbon by 2050.

LETI provides a list of suggested outcomes to be achieved at during of the 7 RIBA Stages. Each outcome is supported by a series of key actions relevant to specific stakeholders and team members.

Some of the actions suggested for preparing a briefing include:

  • Examine benchmarks based on case studies for achievable operational energy targets and embodied carbon targets
  • Choose a methodology for prediction during design that includes all energy such as CIBSE TM54, Design for Performance/NABERS UK, Display Energy Certificates, or Passivhaus.
  • Contracts where Contractors are appointed early could be linked to reward-based incentive, RIBA Stage 6, for the final operation of the building.

This is an excellent guide for all members of the industry.

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