Financing Human Rights-Based Decarbonisation in Europe’s Built Environment

United Kingdom · 2021

This report guides practical action by policy-makers and by investors, to ensure that financing decarbonisation in Europe’s built environment is done in a way that leaves no-one behind, maximizes social benefits, and is consistent with human rights commitments across the region.

For policy-makers, the recommendations seek to guide decarbonisation finance in the built environment in a direction that upholds human rights commitments and secures strong social outcomes for all.

For investors, the recommendations seek to shine a spotlight on the “S and G” (social and governance) dimensions of decarbonisation efforts in the built environment: generating a return on investment while mitigating risks to people and maximizing positive social outcomes.

The report focuses on six inter-connected thematic areas: the right to housing; the right to health; workers’ rights; equality and non-discrimination; participation; and technology and human rights.

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