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We need your support with this competition!

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We need your support with the Photography Competition we are organising, to raise awareness about Vernacular Architecture around the World.

The funding would allow us to offer good monetary prizes to attract as many participants as possible, to give this important topic the visibility it deserves and discover beautiful examples of ‘architecture without architects’.

We want to see examples of what “Vernacular Architecture” stands for, how it exists today and shapes our perception of sustainability. We believe that Architects and Designers must look back at the skills and methods used by our ancestors for hundreds or thousands of years of evolutionary craftsmanship. We must learn from past lessons to inspire more sustainable contemporary design solutions, adapted and rooted in specific local conditions.

The competition is open to the public. Both professionals and non-professionals are invited to enter. The competition takes place online and participants from all regions of the world are welcome to submit their entries online.

Details on how you can enter, what to submit, and a breakdown of the competition timeline to mark your calendars can be found here:


Check our website to learn more about Vernacular Architecture:


We have a fantastic International Jury to ensure the best photographs are selected.

Klein Nettoh

Piers Taylor

Alejandro Gomez Vives

Maíra Acayaba

Aida zare

Timothy Soar

Ana Paula Fuentes

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