Kibera Building Designed in US Captures Architectural Attention Globally

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Kenya has continued to tower over the global architectural community over its well thought out designs not limited by financial investments (or a lack thereof).

On Tuesday, October 11, Dezeen, a publication in the architectural community, ranked the Kibera Hamlets School Building among six globally that are creatively stunning with minimal financial backing that utilised reused materials.

The two-storey building, which blends well with the Kibera-esque homes, was designed and built at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art by José Selgas and Lucía Cano and shipped into Kenya in 2017.

The structure was made out of chipboard, sheets of polycarbonate plastic and scaffolding and utilises lighting to glow in the dark.

“The scaffolding structure used netting, chipboard and sheets of polycarbonate plastic with water containers as ballast for the structure – materials that could be found and put to use by the local community in its intended new home in the largest slum of Nairobi, where it will provide much-needed facilities for education and entrepreneurship,” the media outlet described the building.

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