World Built Environment Forum Week 2023/

Organiser: RICS

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16 January, 2023




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Over the next 30 years, urban and rural green spaces will come under increasing pressure, as the world’s urban population grows to more than six and a half billion. Striking the balance between dense, low-impact urban development and liveable, green, and human-friendly city environments has never been more pressing.

World Built Environment Forum Week celebrates the latest and best thinking from across the built and natural environment. The weeklong schedule showcases the latest innovations, practices, and case studies for delivering sustainable and equitable places and spaces. It brings together a global network of senior professionals, industry thought leaders and policy makers.

WBEF Week will include combination of live and interactive sessions, panels, meetings and forums. It will be live streamed, and the schedule tailored to different regional audiences around the world. The main programme will be recorded and available on demand, so wherever you are, you won’t miss out on any content.

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