What Climate Repair is Worth Trying? With Dr. Tao (Harvard Fellow Alumnus)/

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27 March, 2022






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More scientists say emissions cuts aren’t enough & we face imminent catastrophe unless altering climate. What are the options & problems?

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In 2018 a Harvard researcher read the Deep Adaptation paper and decided to repurpose his expertise to give humanity a better chance of averting catastrophe. Dr Ye Tao has since been developing and promoting what he argues is a cheap, safe, green and flexible form of climate engineering. It uses mirrors to reflect the sun – the MEER Framework. After analysing and debunking the science and economics behind other approaches to geoengineering (also knowns as climate repair and climate restoration), he settled on this proposal.

Over time the proposal evolves and new research is being undertaken. In this Q&A you will hear the latest. For instance the MEER Framework is currently assessing and quantifying mirror-enabled microclimate creation in ecological systems and human habitats. Examples of experimental study variables include the temperature and humidity of the air and soil, the intensities of downwelling and upwelling electromagnetic waves, as well as the phenology of plants and freeze-thaw cycles

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