746,000,000 people are thinking about this …but are you… climate ready?/

Organiser: PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter

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19 February, 2022


PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter




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Climate change is not a new phenomenon, but the rapid rise in climate risks that we
are now facing have caught many people by surprise. These risks are not just
environmental or financial; the challenge includes mental health and social unrest.
Being able to navigate in a period of increasing instability requires project managers to
not only plan for the extraordinary, but they also need to project an unpredictable
future and manage for unintended consequences. Managing in troubled waters, or
when your house is on fire, takes a level head, collaboration, and the ability to
leverage system tools and techniques to keep a home, business, or community afloat.
Find out what this means to you…
What You’ll Learn: Highlights about
• The growing green expectations from the financial community, and how it will
affect financing, investment, trade, and regulations
• The gap between green and finance (and its effect on Environmental/Climate Risk)
• The value of system tools and techniques
• The math of cooperative competition and the value of collaboration
• Simple first steps for Project Managers

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