Stone Works: Building a Sustainable Future/

Organiser: NLA

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19 September, 2023




United Kingdom




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This evening talk will showcase the use of stone and timber as a sustainable material in modern construction, drawing from exemplary case studies across architecture, engineering and stonemasonry.

In this new age of sustainable construction, material properties are under pressure to perform on multiple levels to comply with green construction policies that aim to reduce carbon footprints and embody circularity. Modern buildings need to adopt materials that are sustainably sourced, renewable and have a long-life cycle. This has led to new thinking around the use of concrete and steel, which have been widely used since the 19th Century, but are now no longer the material of choice when complying to modern standards of construction.
Stone and timber are materials that can be sourced locally, provide long lasting, durable and resistant construction that has a low impact on the environment. What are the biggest challenges of using these materials across construction, architecture and engineering? And what is stopping us replacing concrete and steel completely in our journey to net zero?
In this evening talk, we will be joined by architects, engineers and stonemasonry experts to discuss the above in more detail and showcase exemplary projects that demonstrate the huge potential of these materials.


18:30    Arrivals
19:00   Welcome from chair
              Peter Murray OBE, Co-Founder, NLA
19:05    Pierre Bidaud, Creative Director, The Stonemasonry Company Ltd
19:15    Marlène Leroux, Architect, Archiplein
19:25    speaker tbc
19:35    Panel Discussion and Q&As
              Speaker above + Jemima Finch-Darling, Paye Stonework & Restoration Ltd
20:00   End

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