From Forest to Production – Wood in Finnish architecture, design and fashion/

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1 December, 2022




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The panel discussing innovative uses of wood consists of three experts with different approaches.

Jaakko Torvinen is a newly graduated architect whose design for the Little Finlandia events centre has caught the eye of the international media. Alongside his architectural work, he teaches wood architecture at Aalto University.

Designer of many long-lasting and award-winning products and interiors, interior architect Antti Olin has for the past decade worked as Design Director of Finland’s leading furniture company Isku.

CEO Olli Kähkönen is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Nordic Bioproducts Group, a Finnish company that develops new biomaterials based on a process that enables an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to produce microcrystalline cellulose.

The discussion is moderated by Archinfo’s Head of Communications, architect Miina Jutila, who is currently working on a project to promote Finnish wood architecture.

Forest is a source of livelihood for Finns, but its value goes far beyond: the forest is part of the Finnish psyche. In his introductory remarks, researcher of environmental aesthetics and resource wisdom, PhD Jukka Mikkonen opens views to the many layers and meanings of forest.

The webinar, organised by Archinfo, is part of a series of events organised together with Finnish Design Info and Fashion Finland, aiming to highlight the similarities and synergies between these three design industries.

The English language webinar is open to all.

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