Showcasing the Latest Trends and Technologies in Structural Timber/

Organiser: Structural Timber Conference and Structural Timber Association

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16 April, 2024


Structural Timber Conference and Structural Timber Association


United Kingdom




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In partnership with the Structural Timber Association, the 2024 Structural Timber Conference is set to return on Tuesday 16 April 2024 to 30 Euston Square, London.

Providing a focal point for celebrating timber’s success and steering discussions that will define its future. Through the Timber in Construction Roadmap, the government has committed to increase the safe use of timber in construction (TiC) in England, to help reduce embodied carbon in the built environment and drive investment into tree planting, forest management and domestic supply chains, creating new green jobs and industries.

Following a year of remarkable achievements and innovations, the conference promises to showcase the benefits and explore the possibilities of timber construction. With influential speakers and engaging discussions, the Structural Timber Conference 2024 will address challenges, present solutions, analyse successes, and help drive the industry forward.

With a heightened focus on circularity and sustainability, this event tackles the crucial question of ‘what’s important right now?’ for the structural timber sector.

Designed for a diverse audience, including architects, engineers, clients, contractors, local authorities, housebuilders and developers – the event provides a first hand look at cutting-edge technologies and designs shaping the future of UK timber usage. As demand for more sustainable structures continues to grow, the conference invites industry professionals to dive deep into the current state of the timber industry and contribute to redefining the future of offsite timber construction.

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