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24 January, 2023






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Join LETI as we introduce the concept of Whole Life Carbon (WLC) and how we, as industry professionals, can urgently reduce carbon emissions within the built environment.

This introduction session, the first in a series of many webinars aiming to provide a co-ordinated training programme to help you on your WLC literacy journey. It will provide an introduction to the LETI WLC webinar series itself and what topics it will cover in the coming months.

This webinar will launch the update to the Carbon Definitions for the Built Environment, Buildings and Infrastructure. Published in 2021, the document provides a common set of definitions that has been developed by the Whole Life Carbon Network (WLCN) in collaboration with many others including LETI. This webinar will discuss the various updates to the document which further align the definitions, scopes, measurement methodologies and targets set within the publication.

In addition, the webinar will also will include an overview of the extensive range of published LETI guidance related to Whole Life Carbon including:

  • The Climate Emergency Design Guide
  • The Embodied Carbon Primer
  • The Client Guide to Net Zero
  • The Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide
  • The Carbon alignment documents
  • LETI CIBSE Net Zero FAQs
  • The circular economy one pager

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