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23 January, 2023








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Do you know what the carbon footprint of your home is? The embodied carbon of the materials that go into constructing a home can be as much as, if not more than, the operational emissions generated by the building during its life span.

Across the province, embodied carbon is responsible for approximately 10% of the provincial emissions. Thats approximately 8 MtCO2e every year.

To combat these emissions the City of Vancouver is launching a research program, in collaboration with ZEBx (Zero Emissions Building Exchange) and CLF Vancouver. We are offering up to $40,000 for applicants who successfully reduce the embodied carbon of their homes, and then tell us about it through two questionnaires. The greater the reduction, the greater the financial return.

During this launch event, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Chris Magwood on proven pathways to embodied carbon reductions.


Event Outline

Welcome – Chris Higgins, City of Vancouver

Program Launch Announcement – Caroline Butchart, ZEBx

How to reduce the embodied carbon of your home – Chris Magwood, Builders for Climate Action.

10:00 – BfCA Engagement session: Demonstration of Pathways to achieving the program thresholds

  • 20 minutes. Presentation about embodied carbon: why it matters and how it’s measured.
  • 20 minutes. Vancouver baseline study: what was learned and how the baseline was established
  • 15 minutes. Q&A
  • Break
  • 30 minutes. Demonstration of models to show pathways to each level of program requirements
  • 15 minutes. Q&A
  • 40 minutes. Breakout sessions (2) for those interested in lower and higher levels of incentive. Discuss approaches including material procurement, material swapping and design changes.
  • 12: 30 Wrap up

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