Embodied GHG Symposium/

Organiser: School of Cities, University of Toronto

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13 May, 2024


School of Cities, University of Toronto




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How can Canada meet the simultaneous challenges of scaling up its infrastructure and housing to keep pace with population growth while also achieving ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?

Join the Centre for the Sustainable Built Environment for its first Embodied GHG Symposium. This half day event will explore solutions to building more housing and infrastructure with less greenhouse gas pollution. Interactive sessions and speakers will address total embodied emissions at the scale of the city, recognizing that to avert the most catastrophic impacts of climate change we have to build sustainably beyond per building or m².

Embodied GHG Symposium will present the latest embodied GHG research, policy, case studies, and prove opportunitites for networking with industry professionals, academics and policymakers. During the embodied GHG symposium we will have a poster session presenting research and case studies along the theme of reducing resource use and embodied GHG in the construction sector. The work can be at the building, multiple building, infrastructure, neighbourhood, city, regional and/or national scale for any country. The work must deal with embodied GHG and/or resource use the AEC sector.

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