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5 October, 2022






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Earth has a very complex system where everything is connected. Like the butterfly effect, the tiniest wind in the East could cause a storm in the West. This applies to various weather conditions, tectonic movements, or other changes that happen to the surface of our beloved planet or its subterranean layers. Due to recent earthquakes in different parts of the world, volcanoes, and hotter temperatures, Climate change is given more attention day by day. The future generations will suffer the consequences of today’s problems.

Briefly, climate change is any change in the temperature or water levels that affects Earth for a long period of time. Humans today are experiencing rapid and unexpected changes in temperature where we witness hotter weather and sudden severe storms. However, the impacts of climate change do not stop at hotter temperatures. The rising temperatures that result from the burning of fossil fuels cause the melting of ice glaciers and the increase of water levels. On the other hand, drought in other regions causes changes in the subterranean layers of Earth due to the absorption of water from these layers. According to an article by NASA, these changes in the water levels are one possible reason behind sudden earthquakes due to the changes in the tectonic movements of Earth layers.

Rising oceans threaten the flooding of coastal cities like Alexandria, Miami, and Tokyo, which will result in the sudden and unplanned displacement of people. This affects the physical and mental health of human beings, causes the loss of crops and shortage of food supply, and disturbs the ecological system due to the loss of certain animal or plant species.

The first edition of the International Conference on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES) in 2021 discussed the effects of greenhouse gases on Earth’s temperature and global warming. This year, the conference’s second edition will take these previously-discussed pressing issues forward as well as tackle the new threats that arise every day.

The conference is a chance for scientists and researchers from around the globe to excavate solutions for the new threats as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions which develop due to climate changes and try to figure out the reasons behind them. IEREK welcomes participants with various scientific backgrounds to gather and find solutions to save our planet Earth.

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