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23 June, 2022


ISOPAN, Living Future Europe




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A new era has begun for the construction environment.

The current global level of greenhouse gas emissions has prompted major organizations to make a commitment to reduce them within defined deadlines and with an investment of resources that is unprecedented in the history of the developed world as we know it.

While energy efficiency alone has become a standard, a new paradigm has quickly captured the scene: carbon neutral buildings.

Carbon neutrality in the construction industry is no longer only a vision. The following speakers will show that the path to carbon neutral future has already been taken:

  • Towards carbon neutrality in buildings. A case study: logistics warehouse at Moissy-Cramayel
    Vitali Caplain | ARP-Astrance | Development & Environmental Strategy Director
  • ROCKWOOL – Resilient by nature
    Jean-Yves l’Hostis | ROCKWOOL Core Solutions | Business Development Manager in charge of Sustainability
  • From awareness to action: ​Manni Group’s path to decarbonisation​
    Jan von Ryssel | ISOPAN Deutschland (part of Manni Group) | Technical & Sales Specialist, Helen Scandellari | Manni Group | Business Sustainability Officer
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