City Conversations: Circular Cities 2 – Materials: Mapping and Mining/

Organiser: The Happold Foundation

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14 May, 2024


The Happold Foundation


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Cities rely on massive amounts of resources to support their growth and metabolism. The Circular City model emphasises efficient material cycles, the use of renewable energy and preservation of biodiversity. This conversation aims to understand the possibilities of mining our Anthropocene and asks – Is it possible to make a market in reuse of construction materials?

This is the second in our Circular Cities conversations: the first looked at regulatory frameworks in national and city strategies alongside inspirational design ideas.

This conversation will discuss how cities are actively analysing quantifying waste streams, developing material tracking and asset registers, material libraries and databases. We will examine projects that are trying to establish both supply and demand (and perhaps both). What are reasonable targets and how do we measure success?

Confirmed Panelists

Chaired by Kitty Walker and Anika Buchmaier, Buro Happold

Julia Barfield – Marks Barfield Architects

Andrea Charlson, Madaster – Material Passports

Nico Schouten, Metabolic – NL

Colin Rose, UCL Urban Systems for Circular construction


Tuesday, May 14 · 4:30 – 6pm GMT+1

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