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Organiser: Vertical Meadow

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23 January, 2024


Vertical Meadow


United Kingdom




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As this month marks a milestone for BNG – whereby all developments will have to show how they increase biodiversity by 10% in order to receive planning permission – we will be hosting a panel discussion to deliberate the complexities of balancing development with biodiversity conservation.

Whilst the concept of biodiversity net gain (BNG) has emerged as a promising approach to mitigate the negative impacts of development, it has been met with both enthusiasm and skepticism, raising critical questions about its effectiveness and long-term viability.

Careful consideration of its limitations and potential pitfalls is crucial to ensuring that BNG does not become a mere greenwashing exercise.

Vertical Meadow will be hosting and moderating the event with experts panellists, including:

  • Peter Massini | Former Head of Green Infrastructure at the GLA
  • Lydia Morrow | Project Director at Lipton Rogers Developments
  • Rosie Whicheloe | Biodiversity Net Gain Officer at the London Borough of Sutton
  • Donald MacIntyre | Founder at Emorsgate Seeds
  • Neil Harwood | Associate Director (Ecology) at Arup
  • Alistair Law (moderator) | Founder at Vertical Meadow


WHEN | Tuesday 23 January, 2024 from 17.30 to 19.30

WHERE | 80 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4QS


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