BC Embodied Carbon Modelling and Policy Recommendations/

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8 August, 2022






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The BC Embodied Carbon Modelling and Policy Recommendations Study was developed for the BC Provincial Government by Priopta with support from Mantle Developments. This event will cover a wide range of important topics relevant to the future of embodied carbon policy and action in BC.

Event Outline:

Zahra Teshnizi (Senior Advisor to Mantle Developments) – Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Introduction to this study
  • High-level overview of embodied carbon policy tools
  • Design & Procurement
  • Manufacturing & Importing
  • Zero Waste & Circularity

Anthony Pak (Principal at Priopta) – Presentation (90 minutes) ‘Why BC needs to develop bold Provincial embodied carbon policy’

  • Projected total embodied carbon associated with new construction in BC (2020-2050), based on our modelling utilizing the best available embodied carbon benchmark data
  • How BC’s total annual embodied carbon compares with various relevant sectors reported in BC’s Provincial GHG Inventory, including operational carbon
  • Multiple Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment (WBLCA) Case Studies of detailed buildings representing various building archetypes, exploring strategies to reduce embodied carbon to different % reduction thresholds
  • The cost impact of reducing embodied carbon, based on relevant published information
  • Proposed framework for how embodied carbon could be integrated into the BC Energy Step Code
  • Consumption-Based Emissions vs Production-Based Emissions, Carbon Border Adjustments, and proposed methodology for using trade data to support such policies
  • Forestry and Biogenic Carbon Accounting – Exploring the latest developments in biogenic carbon accounting methods such as GWPbio (stand-level) and A0 (landscape level) and how such assumptions could impact our LCA calculations

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