Can Lis – Utzøn’s Hidden Masterpiece Documentary Film

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The emblematic Can Lis has brought the Share Your Green Design team to Mallorca once again. Guided by two great architects with a focus on sustainable architecture, Francisco ‘Cifu’ Cifuentes (Aulets Architects) and Piers Taylor (Invisible Studio) are at the fore front of this exciting Can Lis documentary film where together we explore this iconic building. You can watch the trailer now here…

Can Lis is Danish architect Jørn Utzøn’s hidden masterpiece built in the 1970’s. It rests on a cliff off the South East coast of the island. A place so breathtaking only a great architect like Utzøn could build a house that matched the location.

Utzøn in his geniality, perfectly combined daring modernism with traditional architecture and local materials, achieving an iconic example of sustainability and climate adaptation.

Can Lis is not only a fantastic piece of architecture, it is also a way to know the man behind. The house is full of details which give us glimpses into his personal life and his intimate relationship to the land he chose to call home.

Our team has enjoyed two weekends getting to know Utzøn through Can Lis, and also the beautiful Balearic Island.

We have explored Mallorca’s materials, particularly the marés stone which gives the island that beautiful golden tinge which is so recognisable. The marés stone brought us from prehistoric ruins to stunning quarries, to cathedrals, to houses on the side of the road.

We also spent time soaking in the culture, the food, its people and its beautiful landscapes. This is a place that will definitely stay close to our hearts.

As our name suggests, our ethos is largely rooted in the idea of sharing, so we could not keep all we discovered to ourselves. We are beyond excited to tell you Utzøn and Can Lis’ story through what we believe is a unique approach to, not only Can Lis, but architectural documentaries.

Our team has been working hard on this project and we are proud to say that we will have the final result very shortly. If you’d like to get a taste of what the Can Lis documentary is all about, we invite you to check out the first trailer and to also follow us on our social media as we will be giving you sneak peaks of the project.

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