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his story explores how we can build holistic, circular systems together. Taking you up and down the value hill, we explore the lifecycle of products from extraction to end-of-life, and how value is created upwards through the production chain. Once the goods have reached the end of their life, we look at how value is maintained through collection, sorting, processing, all the way to recycling (as a last resort). This journey maps Circular Economy interventions that help companies and governments track and improve their environmental and social footprints.

Start at the base of the hill to trace a product’s journey, or jump straight to impacts at the heart of regulatory & compliance frameworks (such as the SBTi, FLAG, and CSRD).

At Metabolic, we’ve been improving sustainable procurement in consumer goods, healthcare, electronics, and textiles for over a decade. Our case studies are embedded in this story. We provide baseline assessments, Scope 3 emissions calculation, adherence to standards from SBTi, FLAG, and CSRD. And our Circular Interventions Impact Calculator is great for identifying leverage points. We’d love to hear about your journey!


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