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Ventures is a direct-to-youth funding model that breaks down traditional barriers to clean energy entrepreneurship and clean energy project development. By giving youth the necessary skills, knowledge, and support system for their initiatives, Ventures allows young people to launch tangible community-based clean energy projects. Simultaneously, Ventures gives a cohort of global youth the critical early career experiences they need to be lifelong problem-solvers and entrepreneurs.

There are two Ventures streams to choose from: 1) Guided Ventures; and 2) Inspired Ventures.

  • Guided Ventures focus on developing “plug-and-play” templated projects (i.e. solar PV, energy efficiency, or community e-transport) where youth teams take lead in project management while receiving mentorship, coaching, and funding from Student Energy. By the end of the Guided Ventures program, youth teams will commission their first community or campus-based clean energy project.
  • Inspired Ventures, on the other hand, provides entrepreneurially-minded youth with the necessary skills, resources and support needed to have the best chance at launching a business in the clean energy industry. Through the Inspired Ventures program, youth teams will participate in a 3-month long intensive incubator that is designed to prepare their clean energy ideas for seed round fundraising and company launch. Focusing on early startups in the idea/hypothesis or early pilot stages, the program will provide legal, branding, and networking support for the ventures. By the end of the Inspired Ventures program, youth teams will turn their ideas into a prototype or launch their clean energy enterprise.

Both Ventures streams have the following components: coursework, mentorship & coaching, and funding.

Timeline for the start of the first cohort:

  1. Guided Ventures Pilot (Canada) – May 2022
  2. Guided Ventures Pilot (International) – Late 2022 – Early 2023
  3. Inspired Ventures Pilot (International) – Late 2022 – Early 2023
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