Transforming Cities: How Dragør is working with nature to protect the city from rising sea levels

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Get an insight into some truly innovative climate adaptation work from Dragør Municipality in a new film.

Dragør is one of 19 municipalities that have partnered with the Danish Coastal Authority and the philantropic association Realdania in their work to develop new strategies for adapting to rising sea levels. A new film produced for Realdania by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions provides some insight into Dragør’s truly innovative work and approach to the challenge of rising sea levels.

A focus om nature-based solutions

In Dragør, focus has been on developing a plan for protecting the low-lying city, nature and cultural heritage of Dragør through an approach that draws inspiration from the natural coastal landscape and its ability to absorb the waves. The plan proposes to strengthen and connect the natural headland while realigning the flood protection and adapting the landscape surrounding the city, laying out a solution that be extended over time and does not create a barrier between city and sea – in fact, is it expected to create more space for nature and native species while adding new recreational qualities for the people of Dragør and its many visitors. In June 2022, Dragør Municipality was assigned 18 mio. DKK in support from Realdania for a partial realization of the plan.


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