This Is What Europe’s Green Future Looks Like

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The EU’s first awards for sustainable design and architecture offer an initial glimpse of the New European Bauhaus, a modern aesthetic for an old continent

Green Europe will be built on rammed-earth walls, wooden pillars and recycled shipping containers — at least according to the winners of a new European Union initiative.

The New European Bauhaus, announced by EU leaders last year as a style for the old continent’s green transformation, is starting to take shape. Last month, the European Commission awarded 30,000 euros ($35,190) each to 10 projects that best illustrate the movement’s values of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion. 

“Change is not only possible, but already happening all over our European Union, in all sectors of our economy,” said commission president Ursula von der Leyen when winners were revealed. “The New European Bauhaus combines the big vision of the European Green Deal with tangible change on the ground to improve our daily life.”

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