SYGD Masterclass: Aida Zare – Passive Cooling Strategies

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Mark your calendars. We are delighted to announce our next Masterclass, an extraordinary opportunity to learn from the renowned architect and university professor, Aida Zare.

Date: 11 August

Time: 12 Noon. Irish Time.

Join us for a free masterclass on passive design, where Aida will share her decade-long expertise in this cutting-edge field. This event is open to professionals at all levels.

To join the masterclass, simply use the provided links, connecting you to the platforms hosting the event. These platforms have been carefully selected to ensure a seamless and enriching experience for all participants.

Linkedln: Masterclass: Passive Cooling Strategies

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YouTube: Masterclass: Passive Cooling Strategies


More info about de Masterclass:

Overheating in indoor and outdoor spaces, particularly in cities and hot climatic zones, is more tangible than ever due to global warming and the urban heat island (UHI) effect. Passive design can be an effective tool to provide thermal comfort conditions in each region and minimize the use of HVAC systems in buildings. These strategies have been used in vernacular architecture for years and have been responsive to the climatic conditions of their context, up until now. Learning more about passive cooling strategies, especially in hot climates, seems necessary, and implementing them in contemporary architecture will lead to low consumption buildings, presenting healthier and more pleasant spaces. This master class offers a review of six key passive cooling strategies briefly, providing valuable insight into this vital design principles for architects, engineers, and anyone interested in building science. By embracing passive cooling strategies, building professionals can take a significant step towards creating sustainable and climate-responsive architecture, ensuring a better and more comfortable spaces.

Introducing Aida Zare

As an architect and university lecturer Aida has been pursuing passive design for more than 10 years. She studied sustainable architecture and focused on Indoor Environmental Quality in traditional houses during her PhD. Concerning environmental impacts of construction and lack of mental and physical health issues in spaces, she focused on passive design solutions and natural materials in their design atelier named Gel studio. The values of vernacular architecture and the aesthetics balances of this kind
of construction with its context is one of their key research concentrations in recent years in order to learn more about responsive, eco-friendly and sustainable design solutions.

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