Mitigation and Adaptation of Urban Overheating

EDITORS: Nasrin Aghamohammadi, Mattheos Santamouris


Provides a fully organized, comprehensive, and holistic analysis of the impact of urban overheating, mitigation, and adaptation on energy, health, environmental quality, survivability, quality of life, and economy

Mitigation and Adaptation of Urban Overheating aims to analyze and present all existing relative studies to investigate the global magnitude and characteristics of the ambient temperature drop and the reduction of the heat burden resulting from modified climate conditions due to the implementation of urban mitigation and adaptation technologies and policies.

This book will discuss urban overheating, urban heat mitigation, governance, anthropogenic heat emissions, adaptation and adaptation technologies, and their impacts on urban environmental quality, urban health, energy supply and demand, low-income and aged populations, and the economy of cities. This book incorporates recent developments on urban climatology, urban overheating, mitigation, and adaptation technologies.

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