LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide

United Kingdom · 2020
Cover of LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide

The LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide – How New Buildings Can Meet UK Climate Change Targets describes the key milestones that must be achieved in order to ensure that UK will have a zero carbon built environment by 2050:

Operational energy
Embodied carbon
Future of heat
Demand response
Data disclosure

For each of the milestones it lists key performance indicators to meet whole life carbon for the four building archetypes that make up the majority of new buildings in the UK. Taken together they represent 75% of the new buildings likely to be built between now and 2050. Those are:

Small scale residential: terraced or semi-detached houses
Medium and large scale residential: four floors and above
Commercial offices
Schools: Primary or secondary

Additionally, the LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide includes appendixes for net zero operational carbon, performance gap, embodied carbon reduction calculations, and others.


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