Integration of BIM and LCA: a system to predict and optimise embodied carbon for prefabricated buildings

Song Ge, Xuan Zhang and Xueqing Zhang

This paper presents the development of a system for automatically predicting and optimising embodied carbon of prefabricated buildings during the design phase. Building information modelling (BIM) is selected as the working environment from data input to results display, highly improving the automation level of carbon assessment. Besides, automatic carbon assessment for on-site installation is achieved by developing a component-oriented on-site emission factor database from a Chinese code.

This system also supports optimising embodied carbon by providing various low-carbon alternatives from the perspectives of selecting construction materials, transportation modes, and installation methods. This system is applied to a ten-storey office building for demonstration. It is found that the system can accurately estimate and efficiently reduce the embodied carbon emissions of prefabricated buildings.

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