Future Cities and New Economy, Carbon Neutrality Driven by Green Innovations

Steven Bland, Jintao Xu, Paris Hadfield, Nataliya Tkachenko, Huadong Guo, Zhongchang Sun, Qiang Xing, Wenjin Wu, Chi Zhang, Xinyu Dou, Shengxian Tang, Zhu Deng, Biqing Zhu, Piyu Ke, Rui Guo, Chenxi Lu, Taochun Sun, Yajun Qiao, Zhu Liu, Kakuko Nagatani-Yoshida, Nicole Pillen, Ang Ye, Hui Zhang , Mingxiao Zhao, Baolin Cao, Yiran Luo, Hongshan Zhan, Heidi Yujie Su, Martin Hoxer, Morten Kruse, Yolanda Zhu, Helen he, Qianyi Guo, Xiaoqun Dong, Hui Zeng, Raphael Obonyo, Lei Guo UN-Habitat Contributors: Bernhard Barth, Melissa Permezel, Steven Bland

This second special issue of the publication series on Future Cities and New Economy aims to stress the important role of cities in tackling climate change and achieving carbon neutrality. In particular, the publication points out the need to invest in innovation to improve and broaden sets of solutions to achieve carbon neutrality.

Cities need to develop a pathway to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 at the least, and set ambitious targets in terms of budgets and innovations. Also, robust policies, plans and partner ships with governments, businesses and communities are required in order to accelerate the delivery of cities carbon neutrality targets including mitigation targets and adaptation goals.
The publication has five sections. First section presents visions and challenges for cities under the carbon neutrality target. Second section discusses smart cities and digital infrastructure.

Third section presents examples of some of the emerging technologies, applications, programs and measures including Nature-based Solution for ecosystems that are being implemented in different cities to reduce emissions and enhance carbon sinks. Fourth section discusses green financing and investments. The final sections constitute recommendations for different stake holders including governments, private sector, and other non-state actors. Authors have shared concrete efforts, innovations and policies towards carbon neutral cities.

As highlighted in the publication, success of cities will mostly come from innovations, strong political will, partnerships with the private sector and communities, vast investments in green financing and clear determination to achieve ambitious targets.
We hope that you enjoy reading the special issue and it will stimulate new ideas for improvement and ways of achieving carbon neutrality. We welcome your feedback to strengthen our shared goal of enabling cities to play their roles in addressing some of the pressing global challenges.

Photo: Man As Thep

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