Embodying Justice in the Built Environment

Jennifer Minner, Jocelyn Poe, Felix Heisel, Ash Kopetzky, Maya Porath, Gretche Worth.
Research Assistance and Graphics: Wyeth Augustine-Marcell, Medha Kulkarni, Alexandra Ciobanu.

Embodying Justice in the Built Environment: Circularity in Practice is a guide and workbook for local governments and community organizations seeking to center justice and equity in their work toward building carbon neutral futures to address climate change. Unjust practices have shaped the built environment, from land dispossession to discriminatory planning, to harmful material extraction and toxic production processes, to wasteful construction and consumption practices.

Current building processes have exacerbated injustices embedded in the built environment. This guide and workbook offers the Embodying Justice framework to support justice-oriented practices in the built environment and was developed with the belief that redressing injustices is integral to transitioning cities toward carbon neutrality.

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