Redefining the Green Factory

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For our economies to become truly sustainable in the years ahead, a key role is reserved for the vast manufacturing sector. To address legislative, economic, consumer-driven and ecological obligations, industry leaders must transition to net zero, incorporate sustainable values, and adopt circular economy principles as soon as possible.

On the brink of this major transformation and strengthened by our comprehensive service portfolio and extensive industry experience, we are guiding those leaders to a more circular and sustainable buildings, operations, and business model.

Holistic approach to sustainable performance

First, let’s explore the concept of the Green Factory. A fundamental document for the development of this idea was OECD’s “Green Growth Strategy”, which outlined the concept of economic growth and development without negatively impacting natural assets.

Influenced by key milestones such as the global adoption of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement in 2015 and more recently COP26, today’s concept goes much further than its initial focus on waste reduction and optimizing the production process. The contemporary approach is holistic and aimed at achieving sustainable performance for both design and construction, operations and associated supply chains, and last but not least products and their disposal.

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