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A programme Supporting the EU mission on adaptation to climate change.

Co-developing pathways towards climate resilient regions in Europe

Discover how the Pathways2Resilience programme supports European regions and communities along their Regional Resilience Journey:


Why foster European regions’ climate resilience?​

The climate crisis is already having major effects on everyday life in Europe. We need to pay more attention to the current and future impacts of climate change. Adaptation efforts so far have not yielded enough outcomes while needs have increased significantly, widening thus need for adaptation actions. Regions and communities have a major role to play in enabling rapid and far-reaching change.

As a project supporting the Mission Adaptation, Pathways2Resilience will be contributing to the Mission’s objectives, namely:

  • Preparing and supporting the planning for climate resilience
  • Accelerating innovative transformations to climate resilience
  • Paving the way to demonstrating innovative transformations to climate resilience

Pathways2Resilience in a nutshell

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