New tender out about the potential of digital tools and Building Information Models in building LCA

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Nordic Sustainable Construction

Nordic countries are among the first in the world to set normative limits for the carbon footprints of buildings.
In the Nordic Sustainable Construction programme, the Ministry of Environment in Finland is responsible for the efforts to enable further integration regarding building LCA in the Nordics. Further Nordic integration will be beneficial to harmonise the methods for evaluating these carbon footprints and for following the decarbonisation of the entire building stock in the Nordic region.
To enable this work, a tender on Building Information Models integration with LCA assessment (LCA), where digitalisation and capacity building are essential tools, has been published. The deadline for submission is 31 January 2023.


The potential of digital tools and BIM in building LCA

The development of digital tools, such as Building Information Models (BIMs) is opening important possibilities for enabling a smoother and faster route to building LCA. Research in the field has been going on actively in recent years in the Nordic countries. The normative definitions of building LCA can benefit greatly, if the integration to BIM-based building design process is taken into account. There are questions related to the maturity of the BIM, its system boundaries, as well as, roles and responsibilities in the combination of BIMs from various fields of design. The tender covers Nordic Harmonisations of LCA’s task three.

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