Mexico’s first LEED Zero project: Casa Anáhuac

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San Nicolás de los Garza



n May 2021, we launched a challenge to the Latin American market: Let’s go for zero! In January 2022, Casa Anáhuac became not only the first LEED Zero project in Mexico but also the first LEED Zero residential project outside of the United States.

LEED Zero Energy is awarded when a project achieves not only LEED Platinum certification (the highest GBCI rating for a building), but also a source energy balance equal to or less than zero. The energy source metric allows for a more equitable comparison of projects using different energy sources and encourages teams to understand the effects of energy use, beyond the project boundaries.

For the global community, there is a commitment to continue raising sustainability standards. “Net zero” has become the new goal for many builders, communities and cities.

LEED Zero provides that leadership toward a better planet, and Casa Anáhuac is established as a leader in sustainable construction, which was able to achieve this milestone thanks to the commitment of its owners to the environment, the monitoring of its performance data, the clear planning of objectives and work toward a healthier and more sustainable space.

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