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United States

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Google’s Treasury team is on a mission to optimize the return on Google’s financial assets. As a member of this team, you’re always looking for innovative ways to help Google invest for the future while limiting volatility and material surprises. In addition to risk busting and asset management, you work collaboratively to administer business insurance programs and stock programs, and provide financial analysis support to our internal teams. You make creative yet calculated decisions that are backed by both experience and your extensive knowledge of the economy and financial industry.

Treasury invests the company’s financial assets and manages its financial risks. We work closely with Product Areas to ensure capital and funding are available to support business activity across the globe. We also lead the company’s impact investing initiatives and support its environmental sustainability goals including commitments to achieve 24/7 carbon-free energy in our operations and Net Zero emissions.

The name Google came from “googol,” a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. And nobody at Google loves big numbers like the Finance team when providing in depth analysis on all manner of strategic decisions across Google products. From developing forward-thinking analysis to generating management reports to scaling our automated financial processes, the Finance organization is an important partner and advisor to the business.


  • Collaborate with cross-functional business partners to develop our Net Zero decarbonization investment strategy and roadmap.
  • Perform analysis and provide an independent perspective on the optimal mix of levers to achieve Net Zero, spanning both energy procurement solutions such as power purchase agreements (PPAs), direct purchases of renewable energy certificates (RECs), structured procurement from utilities (or utility sleeves), or investment activities in renewable energy such as tax equity, carbon removals, and other infrastructure investments.
  • Analyze energy procurement activities that have derivative/hedging-like characteristics, (e.g., PPAs, collars, and utility sleeves) to understand the impact on Alphabet’s energy risk exposure.
  • Support agreement execution and approval through review of requests for proposal (RFPs) and specific projects, evaluating selection criteria, project economics/risk, and consistency with our sustainability roadmap and principles.

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