Deadline: 23.10.2022

Junior Program Officer CVF/V20/

Global Center Of Adaptation


The Junior Program Officer within the CVF/V20 program contributes to driving the Global Center on Adaptation’s role as a solutions broker.

The GCA is also Managing Partner of support to the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), the CVF Global Parliamentary Group (GPG) and the Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group of Ministers of Finance, through a dedicated Support Program and by hosting the secretariat and representational office of the CVF and V20. The CVF and V20 is a state-led cooperation group of 55 developing countries heavily threatened by climate change that work together for stronger and more effective responses. The GCA supports the CVF and V20 in a variety of domains on adaptation: technical and policy advice, communications and organizational support, partnership building and support to international cooperation. The Program has three work streams of activities, focused on the work of the CVF, the CVF GPG, and the V20. Under the CVF work stream of the Program, a set of youth activities has been recently created. This Junior Program Officer position would contribute specifically to the new youth activities of the CVF in this domain.

He/she supports the realization of the CVF’s youth activities and in particular the CVF Youth Capacity Building Fellowship Program which aim to empower the youth in climate vulnerable countries and ensure their preparedness against the threatening impacts of climate change, to become agents in a green and resilient future, and to be more effective communicators and advocates nationally and internationally. The Junior Program Officer works under the oversight of the CVF program coordinator, and will carry out the following:


  • Support (and operationalize) the conceptual development of the CVF Youth Capacity Building Fellowship Program
  • Lead the implementation of the CVF Youth Program, including its logistical, communications, educational and substantive/policy activities
  • Manage the application process and support successful applicants for the CVF Youth Program
  • Act as the focal point for the CVF Thematic Ambassador for Youth, supporting the Ambassador’s activities and communications in relation to the CVF from a planning and operations perspective
  • Develop a CVF Youth Engagement Strategy and Action Plan
  • Support the drafting and editing of CVF youth program-related documents, such as research reports, event reports, work plans as necessary
  • Lead the organization of all CVF youth events and engagement
  • Develop linkages and promote regular exchanges between the CVF, the CVF Youth Program and other youth climate change networks in Europe, CVF countries and worldwide
  • Act as CVF secretariat focal point on youth issues
  • Support the preparation of knowledge products – e.g. briefs, presentations, reports – on GCA’s activities.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Master’s degree in environmental studies, civil engineering, planning, development studies, public administration, or other relevant fields.
  • At least one year of relevant experience related to climate change advocacy.
  • Conceptual understanding of key subject areas such as climate adaption and mitigation, resilience building,
  • Proven ability to effectively collaborate with diverse stakeholders at different technical and strategic levels.
  • Strong client and communications skills, backed by an ability to communicate orally and in writing effectively in English and to articulate and present ideas well both in writing and orally to a diverse audience of stakeholders at technical and strategic levels. Working knowledge of French considered to be of additional advantage.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with proven ability to function effectively and collaboratively as a supportive team member of multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams, working in multiple locations, and to resolve conflicts constructively.
  • Excellent report writing, presentation and communication skills, backed by an ability to articulate complex ideas into clear outputs with a coherent narrative to a diverse audience of stakeholders at technical and strategic levels. Excellent spoken and written English.
  • Values: commitment to excellence, bold and honest, impact for people, teamwork, sense of humor and ability to perform under pressure.


With our global headquarters in Rotterdam on the world’s largest floating office, and regional offices around the globe, the GCA offers a dynamic, high-profile and international working environment in a growing organisation. You will be contributing to our global mission on climate adaptation. You will have the opportunity to draw upon the substantial expertise available at the GCA and its partner organizations across the world and you will be given an opportunity to support the shaping of international policies and global action on climate change, working at the highest governmental levels and collaborating with governments on all continents.

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