Deadline: 03.01.2023

International Outreach Lead/

United Kingdom

Contract Type: Flexible fixed term freelance

Remuneration: £30-£40 per hour depending on experience.

Time: 9 months / 38 weeks, 7.5 hours per week. Flexible & remote working.

Start Date: 6th February 2023 (depending on candidate availability)

About ACAN

ACAN is a network of individuals within architecture and related built environment professions taking action to address the twin crises of climate and ecological breakdown. We are a community benefit society currently run by volunteers.


Role Background:

ACAN have recently received grant funding from the Laudes Foundation to increase organisational capacity, and further our strategic development along three key themes:

  • Campaign strategy development (Work package 1)

  • International Outreach (Work package 2)

  • Longer term financial sustainability.

We are looking for an individual to lead work package 2 above and help broaden and nurture our international chapters and strengthen the network between them.


ACAN has international chapters in Ireland, India, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden & Spain and affiliated organisations in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Chile & France. We have also begun to establish partnerships with pan-European organisations aligned with our campaigns such as the European Coalition on Standards and the European Environmental Bureau.


Role Description:

You role would include:

  • Mapping ACAN’s international Network and affiliated connections, to strengthen collective power of all working towards decarbonisation, ecological regeneration and climate justice. Developing the structure of ACAN’s international network into one that is responsive, scalable and evolvable.

  • Facilitating conversations between the international groups, to strengthen ties, find synergies and share resources. This will include organising and facilitating monthly international group meetings.

  • Helping to identify, record and communicate shared goals, barriers and solutions.

  • Producing guidance, tools and delivery plans for emerging groups, this work will feed into and complete the emerging ACAN handbook. This document will provide a roadmap for setting up and developing new ACAN chapters.

  • Work directly with ACAN Chapters and affiliated groups, to help them implement the guidance in the handbook, identify goals and plan a route to achieve these

  • Working with our campaigns strategy lead, to ensure the campaigns delivery plans produced are relevant and applicable to the international chapters, and supporting their use across our international chapters.

  • Presentation back to ACAN’s Steering group, and feeding into an end-of-initiative learning report, which will be compiled by the Administrative Lead.

Who might suit the role:

Successful candidates will be passionate about the work that ACAN does, and our three core goals:

  • Decarbonise Now

  • Ecological Regeneration

  • Cultural Transformation

You will have experience working with international organisations, enjoy building networks and making connections between parties, be a confident facilitator and effective verbal and visual communicator. You will work closely with ACAN’s international coordinator, and coordinators within ACAN’s international groups.


By taking on this role you would be playing an important part over the next 10 months for ACAN by capacity-building the international chapters, strengthening the connections between chapters, and enabling the creation of further ACAN groups throughout the world. Through this work, you will actively support grassroots campaigning to decarbonise our built environment, and the growth of an international network of climate activist architects.


ACAN is committed to equality, diversity & inclusion, we are conscious of the need to build inclusive workplaces, we encourage applications from all backgrounds.

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